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Two thirds of Kadima demands not for Jews

Kadima broke off coalition talks with Likud over three issues:

- Two states for two peoples (the second is Palestinian Arabs, mind you)
- Civil unions (more non-Jewish families in Israel)
- Electoral reform (which hugely benefits Kadima)

In reality, Tzipi is just offended: after winning the elections, she is refused even the Foreign Ministry.
The good news is that Kadima’a Mofaz won’t be the Defense Minister. The last thing we need there is another incompetent general.

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Kadima is the erev rav party. They have inflicted more harm on Israel’s security and encouraged Kassam rocket attacks on Sderot which Hamas shoots with impunity. They have committed atrocities in Amona and in Hevron against Jews and Livni is willing to murder Jews to give their homes to terrorists. They also work to undermine Israel’s Jewish character.

Uzitiger cincinnati,Ohio 03 March 2009

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