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Turning Bedouins into Arabs

The government has approved a $300 million plan to resettle tens of thousands of Bedouins from illegal villages into towns. In practice, the plan would cost upward of a billion dollars when other preferences and subsidies are accounted for. The plan is exceedingly immoral: why should the government provide free homes for Bedouins, who are economic parasites, when there are so many needy Jewish taxpayers around? Why does the government compensate Bedouins for their illegal structures, but not Jewish settlers—for example, for the demolished homes of Migron?

Settled Bedouins become just ordinary Arabs. They go from being allies of Jews to becoming our enemies. The government wants to clear the Negev for development, which is impossible now because of Bedouin squatting. But resettlement won’t help, either: the Bedouins will still control the territory unless Jews find the guts to restore law and order in that area, which increasingly is becoming off-limits to Jews.

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