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Trash rabbis want trash Jews

The American Conservative, Reform, and Reconstructionist movements have condemned Israeli conversion reform. Unnecessarily liberal as the new law is, it is still insufficiently liberal for these atheist ‘rabbis.’

They want Israel to recognize Reform conversions, which are about as substantial as declarations of ‘Allah Akbar!’ and conservative conversions which teach Jewish tradition more than Jewish religion.

The American ‘rabbis’ want the simplest conversion to gloss over the mind-boggling intermarriage rate. Indeed, why not intermarry if, as those blind guides claim, our religion is merely about ethics? Christian spouses are perfectly ethical.

The debate over conversion procedures is nonsensical: in the atheist state of Israel, Slavs feel themselves perfectly comfortable and won’t convert to Judaism even under the most simplified procedures.

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thats why i believe that every reform and conservative jew should be put to death immediately. when will the real jews and not erav rav recognize that liberal secular reform jews should all be set on fire including there family. first i would set the family on fire so these reform fucking kikes who wants to give away more land to filthy muslims will see there children scream bloody murder.

simon 03 May 2010

In reality – This edition cant call others Rubbish, because the Jews of today if anything behave worse than people from other religions except Muslims – big exception isnt it. Bottom of the barrel, that is the behaviour of many. By making easier the entry to Judaism, the world has in reality more people of jewish descent than we care to admit. So it is just the children of those grand parents etc, who want to come back to the reality of ONE GOD and nothing else, because the rest is just commnetary – remember that?. And obstacles to feel the ones inside – special-. In this wrold by the number of Israelis that want to leave Israel – God seem to be favouring others, so, by the number of Israelis leaving – will their descnedants have the doors shut to the ONE God?. wouldnt that seal the fate of Israel in a bad way?. LOOK AROUND YOU! there is peace even in Central America and prosperity! makes you think! Not many jews want real access to Temple Mount – the the hand of God shuting the heart of man because not one in Israel deserves the Mount? The devil holds it in reality and do we do to avoid it LOOK AROUND YOU AGAIN!.

Alfred Sydney 03 May 2010

My teacher called this, “The arrogance of ignorance.” The ‘rest is commentary,’ oh yeah. If you read the text on, it continues: “And now go and learn!”

admin 03 May 2010

If today’s progressive Judaism is all about ethics that excludes a strong religious foundation, which makes it easy to willingly give up Judea and Samaria which is part of the foundations of Judaism besides obediance to G-d and Torah. What else are we willing to give up. Is the Torah next.

BELCHER USA 03 November 2010

F?????o???????? ????????????, however the proposed conversion order will G?????O?????. It should be liberal enough ? attract jews of all descent unknown ? them. Also conservative enough not compromise G-d and????? the Torah or ceeding lands ? those infidels who usually mention infidels. Who is making this conversion laws anyway?

chima Nigeria 25 July 2012

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