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Totalitarianism on march

Failing to build communist utopia in Russia, Jews do it in Israel. Police “investigate” a professor of literature Hillel Weiss for cursing a police officer during eviction of religious Jews from Hebron where police brutalized his children. Police treat the professor’s death wish to police bandit as incitement. Strong wishes materialize…
Shas MK Margi asked Bar Ilan university to suspend Professor Weiss.
University’s president called Weiss’ curse “hair-raising.” To the leftist president, eviction of Jews from King David’s capital is not hair-raising.
Hebron residents wooed away visiting chief police inspector with similar curses today.

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This is the typical idolatry of today’s israel echelon. They think a man’s curse can bring to them harm, but is evident they not even considerate expelling jews from Hebron can bring them harm from Heaven..Because they have not G-d since a long time ago..

chaim 10 August 2007

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