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Top Conservative Jew condemns burning of new testaments

Vice president of United Synagogues of Conservative Judaism, one “rabbi” Epstein slammed religious Jews of Or Yehuda who burned the propaganda literature distributed by missionary organization in Jewish religious neighborhood.
The liberal “rabbi” is unconcerned that the new testaments thus distributed call Jews by many vile names and accuse us of executing the Christian deity. More Jews were murdered by Bible-totting Christians than by Mein Kampf readers, also Christians.

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Sorry but you are wrong. The “New Testament” does not accuse the Jews of executing the “Christian deity.”
1. The Apostolic scripture clearly indicate that it was the corrupted Jewish leadership with a corrupted Gentile leadership, that was responsible for the crucifixion. Not the entire Jewish nation
2. Jesus is NOT a Christian deity
3. Christians have unfortunately misinterpreted the Apostolic scriptures to be anti-semitic, but they clearly are not.

Peter Milwaukee 26 May 2008

Maybe these New Testament totting USCJ should convert to Christianity as this is what they are preaching. There is no New Testament only for Jew Haters of the old and new world. There is no such thing as the New Testament. Where is that in the Torah???????

Alexys Hawaii 26 May 2008

All the people answered, “Let his blood be on us”
Matthew 27:25
Sounds like an accusation to me.

No offense was meant by the “Christian deity,” by the way. We just perceive your religion mistaken, just as you perceive ours and probably speak of Pharisaic legalism and rabbinical excesses.
Please note the context: Christian missionaries in the Land of Israel intruded into a religious Jews villages and distributed their literature. So the Jews reacted by burning it. It’s not that they went into a Christian library in Boston to burn St Augustine.

admin 27 May 2008

“New Testament” implies succession over the “Old Testament”. There is no succession. There is continuity. Jesus said “Do not think that I have come to abolish the Law or the Prophets…”
Historical Christianity is mistaken in their views of Jesus as is Rabbinical Judaism. Historical Christianity is wrong about their view of “Pharisaic legalism.” Rabbinic Judaism is wrong about their view about Messiah.
The NT burning was unfortunate, but understandable. It took two thousand years for this mess and it won’t be solved in a day…that is until Messiah returns (or comes in your case) soon and in our days…

Peter Milwaukee 27 May 2008

Romans 9,10 @ 11 are the definitive statement in the NT about the relationship between the Church and the Jews. It warns xtians not to be arrogant towards the Jews. The Jews have been persecuted by xtians because they (xtians) have been ignorant of the NT, not because of whats in it.

Andrew Melbourne 27 May 2008

First off it is true that many RELIGIOUS Christians have used the name Christianity to do evil things. As matter of fact the word antichrist is used 95% of the time, in the New Testament to describe so called Christians. Satan loves when these antichrists use Yahshua and his saving work as grounds for antisemitism. The bottom line is The Bible, whether it be the Torah or New Testament never condones antisemitism and they both give many examples of YHWH wiping out nations and peoples that practice hate for the Jews. By the way True Christianity is not religion, but a personal relationship with the Messiah.

Mike Pittsburgh 28 May 2008

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