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Too many modes of settlement freeze

Netanyahu tries to fool everyone:

- He tries to fool the Americans by freezing new construction while completing thousands of nominally started housing units.
- He tries to fool the Palestinians by freezing construction in Judea and Samaria—but not in East Jerusalem.
-And he tries to fool the Israeli right-wingers by adding 500-750 building permits before the freeze.

The Palestinians won’t accept his bluff, and Obama will side with them.

Israeli right-wingers, dissipated and powerless, cannot mount an offense against Netanyahu’s plans, even though these plans bluntly contradict his electoral promises. Faced with indictment, the normally hawkish Lieberman is keeping a low profile on the settlement issue.

The Israeli moratorium on settlement construction will be another unilateral action, not reciprocated by the Arabs, and it will go nowhere.

The Arab League has threatened sanctions against Arab countries which normalize relations with Israel absent a settlement freeze. But Egypt, the dominant member of the Arab League, maintains normal relations with Israel. By maintaining the Arab League’s bellicose stance, Egypt positions itself as the only link between the Arabs and the Israelis/Americans.

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