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Today, the Temple was destroyed

While commemorating this date, remember that Israeli government gave the Temple Mount to Arabs, tolerates Arab shrines on the Temple remains, refuses to rebuild the Temple, and bans Jews from praying at the Temple Mount.

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I agree wholeheartedly with your comments on the Temple Mount, orthodox Jewry and most of your opinions on reform and conservative streams. As an American who made aliyah recently, I can tell you that many American Jews – and yes, even those who have Jewish FATHERS are Jews by TORAH definition of patrilineal descent – as well as some Israeli Jews I have spoken to on this topic – are longing for a return to TORAH, not Talmud. As Rav Kook stated, this is NOT the place for the “holiness of exile” but for the “natural holiness” of the Land. Karaites nearly ruled the day in the 11th (?) century. Let’s demand our faith back! We call it “Back to the Book”. Love your site.

Rachel ZikhronYaacov 25 July 2007

Remembering that the temple was destroyed can be done daily by just looking at what is there now. It’s the “why” that should be held in the memories as well as the promises of what the good that is to come. We serve a G-d of covenant promises.

peace2b FortLauderdale 26 July 2007

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