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Titans of corruption: Bronfman steps down from the World Jewish Congress

amid charges of financial fraud in WJC and related organizations. Bronfman run WJC for decades as his private company. WJC peddles influence for its bosses, the self-appointed “Jewish leaders.” WJC conducts no activities that benefit common Jews.

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World Jewish Congress benefit is hardly to find, of course. Probably, only the members feel it in full. But World Jewish Congress benefit is not something mysterious. The government has always been perfectly aware of it. So, why so much fuss then?

Dimitris PortMoresby 12 June 2010

Weird Venezuela news is very similar to this one: in both situations everyone behaves as if it were a real surprise and there were no terrorists in Venezuella, for instance.

Johan Kabul,Afghanistan 12 June 2010

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