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Thousands hail rabbi's murderers

Tens of thousands of Arabs attended the funerals of three murderers in Schem, in the West Bank. The murderers, members of Fatah security forces financed with US aid and Israeli tax transfers, killed Rabbi Meir Chai last week, a really peaceful man.

Of the three terrorists, one had recently been released from an Israeli jail, and another had been pardoned.

IDF promptly dispatched the Arab murderers to paradise. The order to kill instead of arresting is part of a shift in the Israeli security establishment, which has grown wary of prisoner exchanges.

Palestinians glorified the murderers and condemned the PA, which reportedly shared intelligence with IDF.

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Bodies of terrorists should be deported from Israel. The holy soil of Israel is no place for the flesh of our enemies. Turning over the bodies from the Abu Kabir forensic institute to the “Palestinian authority” should be illegal, because it directly incites people to violence. These “funerals” are terrorist rallys.

Anonymous 06 January 2010

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