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The settlers' misplaced anger

MigronJewish pioneers vandalized a mosque in response to the Israeli government’s demolishing several homes in the Jewish hamlet of Migron. Hundreds of police were brought to the scene, and the evictees included a wife who had just have given birth. In that home, police threw a crib out of a window.

We would understand settler attacks on government installations, not a mosque.

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Why were these people evicted?
Very bad timing for this poor woman who had just given birth!
It makes a change to hear about Jews vandalizing a mosque!
Usually it is the arabs vandalizing Jewish buildings,cemetaries etc.etc.

Carole ColwynBay 06 September 2011

The foolish and criminal attempts to destroy Jewish communities will not succeed if every such action will be accompanied by a counteraction against the inimical Arabs on Jewish soil!

Norman Beck Ottawa,Ontario 06 September 2011

But attacks on government buildings wouldn’t embarrass the government, attacks on mosques do.

Matt London 06 September 2011

Agree 100%. They still fail to understand who the enemy is, and how to bring the enemy to its knees. Here’s a hint – the Isreali govt does not care about a few burnt prayer rugs or the hurt feelings of some arab. They probably laugh at the settlers doing these things! (Assuming it’s not leftists and arabs framing settlers for these acts, which on some occasions it was proven to be).

Velvel harnof 07 September 2011

Matt; Our government doesn’t care about Arabs and the attacks on mosques are not widely reported in Western media, anyway

admin 08 September 2011

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