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The report about nothing: Winograd discussed first five days of war,

leaves the strategic failures of the subsequent four weeks untouched. The report, intended to blow out steam, chastises the government moderately and avoids analysis of the systemic errors from the year 2000 withdrawal under the left’s pressure to the disengagement-period’s staffing the army with incompetent commanders to the establishment’s fear of politically incorrect large-scale military offenses. Winograd report mostly accuses the government of following the army’s recommendations and retaliating against Lebanon rather than pursuing unspecified political venues in response to Hezbollah’s attacks. At the same time, the report’s findings confirm that the policy of containment didn’t work.
Hezbollah lauds the report, studies it in the preparation for summer offensive. In Northern Israel, people demand reconstruction of shelters.

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Oh pleeease! I haven’t even have time to clean and put away my barbeque grill yet. It’s sad to hear such news just a week after Israel celebrated its 59th independence. Let’s stop pointing fingers at people. Remember, when you point your index finger to someone, your remaining fingers are pointing back at you. Let’s not let people with hidden agendas and vested interests use this report and celebrate our present government’s downfall while they quietly manipulate their way to power. Right, Bibi?

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