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The power broker seeks a job

Shimon Peres, arguably the most influential Israeli power broker, announces he won’t claim prime minister’s position in exchange for Olmert’s support of him for Israeli president. Peres shared Nobel peace prize with Arafat, lost previous bids for party leadership, and is widely viewed as unelectable unless the political bosses make all major contenders for Israeli presidency withdraw. Peres campaigns on the peace process agenda and told Winograd commission he opposed the Lebanon war though voted for it. Shas’ Ovadia Yosef supports Peres. State Comptroller Lindenstrauss already had started hunting down Peres’ contender Rivlin (Likud). Shelly Yacomovich (Labor) openly blackmails another presidential contender, Rabbi Lau over unspecified stories from his past.

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Zello 16 May 2008

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