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The pork barrel monument

ObamaObama has introduced a $300 billion economic stimulus package, which will probably come closer to $400 billion. He claims that the package will create a million jobs, though as with his previous estimates, the actual number will be much lower. So realistically the price of this stimulus package comes to $500,000 or more per job—and those are mostly mundane jobs, such as in road construction. The cost of creating a job thus exceeds the total amount of tax revenue it brings in over the course of a lifetime.

The cost of a job in hi-tech is hovering at $100–$150,000. Even in its most successful realization, Obama’s plan wastes two-thirds of the money and creates uncompetitive jobs which the US could better import from the Third World.

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It’s “Pork Barrel”.

Cale 10 September 2011

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