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The Pollard Affair, a conspiracy theory

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David Turner
Jerusalem Post

Reagan’s Secretary of Defense was Casper Weinberger, one generation removed from the Jewish heritage his name suggests. Uncomfortable and insecure, Weinberger was known to distance himself as much as possible from both Jews and Israel. In fact some who knew him described Weinberger as both antisemitic and anti-Israel.

It is at least coincidental that, having been turned down for employment by the CIA, that Weinberger’s Naval Intelligence (NI) would have hired Pollard, an openly Zionist Jew. Perhaps more curious is that Pollard was then assigned to the team tasked to supply Israel with intelligence materials mandated under the 1983 Memorandum of Understanding between the two states. Put another way, Pollard was somehow assigned to the precise position allowing him oversight of which intelligence was being passed to Israel, and what was being withheld. Pollard could not fail to appreciate that critical information was being illegally denied Israel in violation of the Memorandum. Which either describes Naval Intelligence as an service completely inept and na´ve, or perhaps some more devious purpose was at play?

In order to avoid an open trial which the government feared might have compromised US intelligence sources and methods the prosecution proposed a plea agreement in which Pollard was assured “leniency in sentencing” in exchange for a closed court hearing. Pollard, whose interest was in helping Israel, not in harming the United States, agreed. Barely twenty minutes before sentencing Weinberger arrived at the judges chambers with his infamous “secret memorandum.” In apparent acquiescence to the defense secretary’s demand Judge Robinson ignored the plea agreement and sentenced Pollard to life without parole. Clearly not satisfied Weinberger addressed the press to denounce Pollard as a traitor. A former Halliburton attorney the defense secretary clearly knew that Pollard’s crime, charge and conviction were not for treason. Pollard, Weinberger was quoted as saying, should have been given a death sentence, not life in prison.

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