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The peace they want

Israel’s closest ally, Mubarak, condemned her for “undermining peace efforts” by refusing to cede Jerusalem to the Palestinians and demanding recognition as a Jewish state. The peace Mubarak has in his aged mind is, presumably, one that leaves Israel a binational state without her capital.

Just like every other Arab country, Egypt has “Arab” in its official name, the Egyptian Arab Republic. But for Israel to be Jewish is anti-peace and racist.

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PEACE,what peace? We gave the momzorim Sinai, and we got squat in return. How can those who pray to Mecca and openly say they will destroy us, as well as chrisindum. They are racist and I pray to that false diety. So who is racist.
I pray to the Lord G-D of Abraham, to place those that want to destroy all those who do not pray towrds Mecca to a black stone, face the rath of the one true god, and be ground into the dust of history.

RevBadel MElvis,TN 24 November 2009

Obama wants to destory Makkah since that is what Jerusalem for any Jew. Obama wants to destory Makkah since he must have forgotten how painful it is to lose something what belongs to you, like those towers in New york.

Ami PortlandOR 08 June 2010

T-50s purchase and use should be the answer to this “peace”.

Che SanAntonioTX 08 June 2010

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