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The attack on Iran scheduled for April?

The attack on Iran scheduled for April?The March 2 elections in Iran will provide the best political opportunity for an attack. The elections will be rigged as usual, and the oppressed political group will appeal for international help. The US might quickly recognize a new government made up of opposition members, as it did in Libya and will probably do in Syria, and send military ‘aid’ at their request. The politicians thus supported will repay that support by allowing NATO to dismantle the Iranian nuclear program. Officially, the West will reciprocate by lifting the EU ban on Iranian oil imports; such a ban is useless against the ayatollahs in the short term, but can be expected to work as a PR measure for Iranian opposition leaders.

Such a scenario is the only plausible way to deal with the Qom underground facility and the unknown locations of Iran’s nuclear stockpiles. It would also be a significant boost to Obama’s foreign policy credentials before the upcoming elections: carrying out regime change in Iran would vindicate the policy he tested in Libya. The problem with this scenario is that foreign policy achievements mean little to US voters, who are mostly concerned with domestic problems, while foreign policy failures might cost a president dearly; therefore, Obama is hesitant to strike.

And so joint Israeli-American maneuvers are scheduled for April. The exercises would provide an air defense shield for Israel in the event of a strike.

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