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Tehran staged an excellent reprisal

The blast in New DelhiTwo recent attacks against Israeli embassy targets were beautiful in their simplicity. In New Delhi, a magnetic bomb was attached to the car of the wife of an official. In Tbilisi, a staffer found a bomb underneath his car.

The story is not without its oddities. Two Israeli doctors were readily available in New Delhi to take charge of the slightly wounded woman. In Tbilisi, the staffer discovered the bomb because it scratched the surface of the road while the car was in motionóbut oddly enough, the bomb did not fall off.

The symbolism of the attacks is unmistakable. First, they mirror Israeli assassinations of Iranian scientistsóbut with an important difference: the media version of events notwithstanding, the scientists were really shot. So it is strange that the Iranians follow the wrong scenario. Second, the attacks were perpetrated against targets deliberately chosen for their relative unimportance. That was to demonstrate that Israel has a huge, soft underbelly that she cannot protect. There is no way for us to guard all Georgian staffers or officials’ wives.

So the Iranians showed us that retaliation is really very simple.

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I am very sorry about the attacks. I am also concerned that Israel’s seeming lack of response will lead to more attacks on all Jews throughout the World.

gail Ajax 14 February 2012

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