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Teen terrorist caught in Jerusalem

The Border Police arrested an Arab from Schem who was armed with a knife and planning to kill a few Jews.

Within two years he will be out of jail, a hero to his friends, with a Fatah sinecure waiting for him.

When our forefathers Simon and Levi became concerned with the indecent behavior of some of the residents of Schem, they killed its entire male population, and so solved the trouble.

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Teen terrorism is widespread among young Jews as well, isn’t it??? So, probably one day Arabs will follow the wise example of Simon and Levi. Teen terrorism should be fought instead of turning it into some massacre.

Tayten NomeAK 05 June 2010

Teachers’ blackmail and their strike will trigger the same situation in Israel if not stopped in the nearest future.

Wren EauClaireWI 05 June 2010

Terrorist caught in Jerusalem is nothing special nowadays since Gaza Strip is full of them as any other Arabic state. Terrorist caught in Jerusalem is only a teenager but is already full of hatred. Wouldn’t it be wiser to get rid of them completely?

Uriah BocaRatonFL 05 June 2010

The cost of terrorists trial is high and everything is done at the Israelis’ expense.

Hugo AshevilleNC 05 June 2010

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