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T-50: the Russian answer to Israeli troubles with F/A-22

Russia’s Sukhoi company has tested its newest T-50 jet. Touted as a fifth-generation fighter jet with improved stealth capabilities, the plane actually belongs to the 4+ generation.

The T-50 is reportedly a re-engineered version of the American F/A-22. While puritans might decry the Russian habit of stealing foreign designs from the Kalashnikoff to the T-50, this is a cost-effective policy.

It will probably take at least five years for the Russians to introduce the first squadrons of T-50s, about the same time as would be required for F/A-22 delivery to Israel. The T-50 is rumored to be offered for export at $50 to 70 million, which would be a quarter to half the price of the F/A-22. Certainly, Russia will be more forthcoming than the US administration in allowing Jews to install our own avionics into the jets. Spending a few billion for Russian jets will do more to stop S-300 sales to iran and S-400 to Syria than any diplomatic pressure.

As usual, the Russian copy will be less reliable than the American original and will have the engine problems that plague Sukhoi’s currently manufactured models, but they are suprasuffcient for any of IAF’s operations against Muslims.

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“T-50 jet” is something really outstanding. And Jews simply envy saying that Russians steal some ideas. “T-50 jet” is a definite proof that when it comes to warcraft, russians are great.

Sa'id Montevideo 05 June 2010

In contrast to refugee camps in Israel Yarmuk in Syria is something strange to see. The same is about Russia and America. You can’t compare two different things.

Li Spokane 05 June 2010

T-50 will become a model or to be more precise an inspiration of new generation planes. T-50 will do the same what Russian tanks did in WW II.

Kajetan GalvestonTX 05 June 2010

Russian T-50 is going to be a sensation and rather affordable, too. Russian T-50 will have something Americans don’t have at the moment.

Ciaran CorpusChristiTX 05 June 2010

T-50 will soon be a more preverable means of transport than Honda Insight Israel government has now.

Fred BridgeportCT 05 June 2010

T-50s is a nice copy of American planes. But it hardly will keep Russians from making money selling this plane. T-50s will bring some profit to a poor Russian state.

Seung NashvilleTN 08 June 2010

Israel/Toyota tension should be more important for Jews since they’re unlikely to buy any of these planes because of their cost.

Jarvis TulsaOK 08 June 2010

Russian T-50 capabilities may be a bit lower, so to speak, than those of the similar American model. But the price will be lower as well. Russian T-50 capabilities will be enough for many countries and this plane is sure to be in demand.

Dagen Luxembourg,Luxembourg 22 June 2010

Israeli terrorist profiling might be more effective with the use of these planes if Jews are wise enough to buy them. If the government is able to allocate the money necessary for it.

Isaias Oslo 22 June 2010

T-50 Russia has developed may come in handy for those countries which are going to buy it. There’re so many talks about the third world war, so who knows… T-50 Russia exports may be not that original or new but it’s definitely better than similar planes used before.

Jung-Su Tonga 24 June 2010

Turkey ambassador humiliated, so that’s a nice reason to buy a plane from Russia and to use it against Israel.

Tavon WacoTX 24 June 2010

Russia’s T-50 is going to be America’s competitor. That’s why they say it’s not new and the like. Russia’s T-50 will be suitable for many countries.

Muhammad OlympiaWA 24 June 2010

Perhaps to fight the ever-growing number of Hhomosexuals in Israel it’s necessary to buy this toy? *grin*

Jimmy ProvidenceRI 24 June 2010

T-50 news is absolutely positive and predictions are optimistic. it can’t be another way since T-50 news is important for many countries and people all over the world.

Tyson CheyenneWY 25 June 2010

The way how profiling works in the world, these planes are guaranteed to be extremely interesting for so many people.

Adriano BozemanMT 25 June 2010

How new is T-50? The answer being quite important on the one hand, is obviously of no significance on the other.How new is T-50? The answer is known only to those who constructed it.

Iago IndianapolisIN 27 June 2010

Russian news is rather optimistic because as usual Russia doesn’t care much about what Americans say. Besides, if we follow Russian news, it turns out that there’re quite a lot of those willing to buy new plane.

Bailee KenaiAK 29 June 2010

Libya deals with Venezuela as far as terrorism is concerned. Probably to deal with each other and the rest of the world more efficiently, they’d better have some planes like this.

Keane MadisonWI 29 June 2010

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