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Syrian demand of Lake Kineret confirmed

A Reuters report confirms the long-standing rumor that Syria demands access to Lake Kineret as part of a peace deal with Israel. Never mind the absurdity of pleading for peace with an Arab aggressor who launched and lost three wars against us, and for the last thirty years has been afraid to so much as bark at Israel.

On the surface, the Kineret shore issue is merely about a few hundred meters of border. In reality, access to Lake Kineret gives Syria marine rights to half of Israel’s only significant aquifer. More than that, the demand is humiliating: the 1922 international border put Syria away from the lake. Syria occupied the seashore during the devastating 1948 War of Independence. So, after losing three wars with Israel, Syria demands that Jews agree to Syrian occupation of Israeli territory, the lake shore. Jews cannot annex the Golan Heights, but Syria can annex the shore.

It must be a high treason for Israeli negotiators even to listen to such demands.

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Giving Syrians the Kineret shore is suicidal for Israel

Alex 03 May 2009

Lake Kineret belongs to Israel!

Anonymous 05 May 2009

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