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Syria ready for biowarfare

The Jerusalem Post reports on the US Military Intelligence chief’s briefing to the Senate. Even the Pentagon has accepted the fact that Syria has an advanced biowarfare program. Though the Pentagon insists that the biowarfare agents are still not weaponized, that is not an essential step: Syria can deliver bioweapons into Israel through terrorists rather than warheads.

We disagree with the Pentagon’s assessment that the Russians will deliver the MIG-31 export version to Syria very soon. The 2007 deal was not huge, the Russians had not exported that model before, and it is reportedly unstable. And they prefer using the threat of supplying the jets to Syria as leverage with Israel and the United States.

Despite the Pentagon’s assessment, the Senate still refuses to allow F/A-22 sales to Israel, which are a must if we are to restore Israeli air dominance in case of MIG-31E sales to Syria.

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