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Syria discovered Eli Cohen through Mossadís errors

Monjer Motsley, Hafez al-Assadís associate, says Syrian intelligence blew the Mossad spy Eli Cohenís cover when he couldnít recite the five pillars of Islam. Mossad sent inexperienced operative Eli Cohen to Syria without teaching him basic things about his legend of a Muslim businessman. Motsley claims Assad immediately spotted Cohenís Jewish facial features. Syrians hanged Cohen in 1965.

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Most western authorities on the Eli Cohen story lay the blame for his tragic loss squarely at his feet: that his isolation and fatigue led to his reckless radio transmissions to Israel. How credible then is the story from Eli Ben-hanan’s “Our Man In Damascus” and the International Hebrew Heritage Library that it was Kol Israel’s rebroadcast of very sensitive military and political information from Cohen, overheard by the Syrians, that helped to compromise him? Care to comment?

Michael Davis Plantation,FL 27 July 2008

Who knows…

admin 27 July 2008

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