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Swiss demarche over Arab house demolitions

The Swiss foreign ministry issued a rude note demanding that Israel end demolitions of illegally built houses in “occupied” East Jerusalem. The Swiss don’t even know that less than one in a thousand illegally built houses is demolished. On other hand, the Israeli government invites such notes with the incessant whining about the impending evacuation of Jerusalem—which, indeed, makes it an occupied territory where demolitions are illegal.
That, however, is none of the Swiss’ business. It was the Swiss who demanded that Nazi Germany stamp Jewish passports with a J, lest German and Austrian Jews enter Switzerland. Until 1944, Switzerland deported Jewish refugees back to Germany. The very existence of Israel is an irritating reminder to the Swiss that their country has only become rich after the Holocaust.

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Swiss demarche proves that citizens of Europe know nothing about the real state of affairs in Israel and they do not understand all the delights of co-existence with Arabs. Swiss demarche is a rather silly act to make before trying living with them.

Zayne HoughtonMI 04 June 2010

Friends of Israel in Sweden is a usual lie. SOme Europeans are very close to Arabs. Probably, that’s why they understand each other so easily.

Cesar RaleighNC 04 June 2010

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