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South African scum invades Israel

A group of South Africans which includes its supreme court “justice” arrived in Israel to investigate Israel’s abuses of Palestinian human rights.
American leftists and reformists often asked Rabbi Meir Kahane why doesn’t he participate in their anti-apartheid demonstrations. Rabbi Kahane explained that he won’t move a finger to subvert a white South African government friendly to Israel and replace it with Black government which hates Israel.

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Far from scum, they are a thoughtful, caring group of humanitarians who seek peaceful ways of dealing with problems

gill Joburg 08 July 2008

Oh, there is very peaceful solution: let them transfer Israeli Arabs to South Africa. We need a Jewish state. If Arabs want peace, they can enjoy it in Syria.

admin 09 July 2008

oh gill, you may speak for black South Africa, and his European tyrants. but you may never speak for the republic of South Africa, for all minority group’s, who don’t murder, rape, steal, hijack. after all the black south africa and sides with their arab master’s, after all who taught them to do these thing’s?

stuijt Johhanasburg,Transvall 26 December 2008

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