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South African cleric urges divestment from Israel

Desmond Tutu has asked the American United Methodist Church to divest from several Israeli companies. Methodists tend to be more anti-Semitic than the general population, so while Tutu’s request may not be acted upon, it will be well received.

During the time when Jewish liberals marched against apartheid, Rabbi Kahane was the only one who said forcefully that African rights are not our business, and that their struggle would bring a virulently anti-Semitic black government to power in place of an apartheid regime that was very friendly to Israel.

Desmond Tutu

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You would think that Israel would have seen this coming. Iran has had its fingers in South Africa for months. Trade agreements. Weapon agreements. Political agreeements. ETC .All tied together over cheaper Iranian oil.Lets not forget that South Africa used to be a nuclear power.Now you have a pro western cleric taking an anti Israel stance. There are many types of conflict. If Israelis started adding up the very wide political swing away from Israel they might stop making excuses, stop blaming each other and look at a very disturbing reality.

Billy Claremont 02 May 2012

In Canada there has been a movement led by some left wing Christian groups to get some churches to take a pro Palestinian position.The United Church is contemplating ecouraging a boycott of goods from many Israel settlements. This is totally impratical but shows a growing movement away the traditional pro Israeli stance.

Gail Ajax 03 May 2012

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