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Something fishy about Iran

A week after Iran offered us the best opportunity for an attack, Israel did not carry it out. Time is running out quickly as Iran has enriched its 4% uranium to 20%, thus greatly reducing the size of its stocks. Smaller stocks will be easier to hide.

After three months of enrichment, no Israeli attack will be able to eliminate Iran’s nuclear stocks.

Every sane person understands that sanctions are futile. Not only they are torpedoed by Russia and China, but even the strongest sanctions won’t break Iran’s back within the few months the ayatollahs need to finish their bomb.

Iran’s Russian S-300 SAM do not change the situation. In the current political climate, the Russians won’t man the batteries with their own personnel, and it would take Iranians months to learn to operate them reliably, if they ever do. Most importantly, the S-300 is too small to defend against a missile strike. Two S-300 will take out some 40 missiles, but Israel can launch about a thousand Tomahawk-type missiles.

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