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Some in Hamas accept any ceasefire

In an interview with French TV-24, Haniye’s political adviser Ahmed Yousef said Hamas would accept a ceasefire without any preconditions. Earlier, Hamas demanded that Israel open the Gaza crossings. Yousef’s opinion does not automatically reflect Haniye’s position.

Yousef reiterated Hamas’ commitment to stopping rocket fire on Israel during the truce, as indeed Hamas behaved during the six months of ceasefire. A few dozen rockets were launched by other militants, and Hamas generally acted to repress them.

Curiously, French newsmen got to Ahmed Yousef before IDF could find him.

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Ahmad Yousef ceasefire may be only words as usual. Arabs are not that keen on keeping their promises. Ahmad Yousef ceasefiremay be a bluff.

Mario Asunción,Paraguay 31 May 2010

Frum news in Hebrew might have said the lie easily too.

Diyari Montevideo 31 May 2010

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