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Somali pirates hijack Iranian ship with chemical or radiological cargo

MS Iran Deyanat belonging to Iran state shipping company was hijacked a month ago, a common occurrence at the Somali coast though the ship of 45,000 tons is unusually large for pirates. Oddly, they asked for an unusually small ransom, just $200,000 which Iran allegedly paid.
Upon bringing the ship to Somali, the pirates tried opening its containers, but failed. They, however, received typical radiological skin burns and their hair fell out. The damage can be of chemical origin, too.
The ship, chartered by a German company, was departed China en route to, ostensibly, the port of Rotterdam. The choice of Iranian shipping for a legitimate cargo to Germany is suspicious.
Three decades ago, China supplied the uranium enriched on Soviet centrifuges to Egypt for its military nuclear program. This may be the case today, with Iran’s own centrifuges merely a smokescreen.

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2008 uranium cargo highjack was a nice lesson for Somali: those burns and hair falling out must have been very frightening. 2008 uranium cargo highjack revealed some very interesting facts about some other countries, such as Germany.

Galen Cody 31 May 2010

A soldier versus terrorist is what one has to choose between when it comes to these pirates pestering ships from all over the world.

Asa Juneau 31 May 2010

Iranian ship+ Somali pirates turned out to be something less pleasant than usual. They didn’t expect getting bald, did they? Iranian ship+ Somali pirates showed that ther’s still a way to cope with these disgusting people.

Oren Edinburgh,Scotland 01 June 2010

Bnei Brak news shows that Jews are very much alike the Arabs and they fight all the time as well.

Troy GrandeComore 01 June 2010

Somalian pirates with Iranian ship prove once again that the evil is punished. Moreover, Somalian pirates with Iranian ship demonstrate that you need a bit more knowledge if you feel like becoming a pirate than that of killing or attacking.

Fernando Lisbon 03 June 2010

This fun Israel news will hopefully serve as a good lessons for those who are going to hijack ships in the future.

Maverick Colombo,SriLanka 03 June 2010

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