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So many dishonest rabbis around

There is a funny outfit called “Rabbis Against Religious Discrimination.” They do not even understand that religious discrimination is inherent in any firm religious stance. God chose one nation, not others. One scripture is the true revelation of God, others are not. A certain set of commandments is divine, others are man-made.

So those ‘rabbis,’ some 750 of them, signed a petition condemning the real rabbis who prohibited Israeli Jews from renting apartments to Arabs.

There is a clear halacha that non-Jews can live in the Land of Israel only as ger toshav, semi-converts. Of all Jewish sects, only the anti-Zionist ultra-Orthodox can honestly claim that that halacha does not apply in our time, because the state is not led by the messiah. For any other rabbi to support this politically correct platform is a betrayal of Judaism.

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to teach ‘unconditional love and tolerence’ is to be a friend of the world and an abomimation to GOD

Anonymous 17 December 2010

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