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Shalit talks drowned in hypocrisy

Speaking to the families of terror victims whose murderers will be released for a worthless corporal, Netanyahu posed the choice as one between “redeeming captives and protecting citizens.” Of course, he couldn’t care less about the captives; he is merely bowing in the face of the media’s howling.

Polls indicate that about forty to sixty percent of Jewish Israelis are in favor of exchanging Shalit. What could be better testimony to the inefficiency of democracy in an era when the media manufacture public opinion?

The Israeli government, proud as an ostrich with its head in sand, refuses to talk with Hamas. Instead, it involved a German go-between.

Israeli negotiations with Hamas center on less than a dozen high-value prisoners. Hundreds of other murderers and would-be murderers will be released with no questions asked. The government ignores the obvious fact that Israeli Arabs are enemies just like their West Bank brethren, and refuses to release terrorists who happen to be Israeli residents. The proper action would be to release them along with 1.5 million of their compatriots who currently reside in Israel.

A little chance remain that Netanyahu and the heads of Shabak and Mossad would prevail over Barak and Ashkenazi in rejecting the exchange.

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“What would be a better testimony to inefficiency of democracy in the era when media manufacture public opinion?”
Well said & so very sad!
Why the left must be pro terrorist, anti democratic & against women rights is still a riddle to me!

yidlmitnfidl MedicineHatAB 25 December 2009

Interestingly, the rescue of Dinah as recounted in the Bible has bearing on this issue. Although it may be wiser to refrain from a military rescue mission for purely military reasons, there is also the factor of ‘collateral damage’ to the civilian population of Gaza as well as the reaction of the world. The children of Israel, in rescuing their sister Dinah, felt justified in inflicting large ‘civilian’ casualties, and although Jacob feared the potential negative reaction of the surrounding nations, there ended up being none, perhaps either because military success and brotherly action to save one’s own breeds respect (as with Entebbe), or their prowess instilled fear (as with the six day war of 1967)).
For an analysis of the justification for the actions of Jacob’s sons, see: http://pages.nyu.edu/~air1/biblicrah.htm

Avirab NY 13 July 2010

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