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Settler growth rate below Israeli average?

Israeli media grossly misinterpreted a recent demographic study by Ariel University. According to the report, population growth in the settlements is thrice the Israeli average during the last twelve years. In reality, most of the increase occurred as Israelis, many of them new and poor immigrants, moved to the cheaper West Bank housing. The West Bank’s birth rate is 35 per 1,000 compared to the Israeli average of 20.

But – haredi Jews compose 30 percent of the West Bank population, four times the national average. They have a birth rate approximately four times higher than the national average, so we can guess reliably a birthrate of 80 per 1,000. Thus, out of 1,000 Israeli settlers there are 300 haredim with 24 children; the other 700 settlers have 35-24=11 children, or about 15 per 1,000 – somewhat below the national average of 20 per 1,000. This is because there are plenty of small atheist families in the West Bank, just as in Small Israel.

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It’s hard to predict what Israeli settler population 2010 is going to be like. Hopefully for Jews, there’ll be a certain growth. But sibce there’re atheists the rise Israeli settler population 2010 won’t be that desirable.

Eyota ClevelandOH 26 May 2010

Growth of population in Israel may reach dead end if it’s still so difficult to live in this country.

Kay DesMoinesIA 26 May 2010

Settler growth rates in Israel may be positive only for new-comers and some foreigners like Arabs or Africans. They propagate at the impressive speed.Although everyone would be happy if settler growth rates were higher.

Denzel MinneapolisMN 29 May 2010

With the attitude towards Shavuot today, there’s no surprise there’re so few Jews nowadays.

Leonardo KenaiAK 29 May 2010

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