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Senate sanctions Bush’s lies

Senate Republicans voted against withdrawing 158,000 American troops from Iraq. Bush earlier promised that the invasion would end if the Iraqi government fails to meet the security-related benchmarks. The Iraqi government failed on every benchmark but Bush insists on the US participation in the Iraqi civil war where the US forces are a problem rather than a solution.

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The Arabs and/or Muslims don’t meet any US benchmarks. No one respects America. Musharraf still gets his $US billions. Ditto Mubarak. Ditto Iraqi military and political frauds. Ditto Palestinian kleptocrats. Just smile and read your script; you’ll get the US check in the mail.

Jeffrey P Memphis 18 July 2007

every thing is lie. our identification of this war with bush’s Lies are also lies. Lies are only one way of suppression of truth. there are so many other ways of suppressing the truth to their perceived advantage
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History repeatedly shows the cost of suppression of truth.

anonymous 19 July 2007

I”m tired of sending any support to Israel or anyone else that doesn’t respect America. If you don’t respect us then put your hand back in your own pocket and quit taking any aid from America. How about that for a change! Support yourselves and solve your own problems without dragging everyone else down with you. Damn I’m tired of the ingreatfulness of the Israelis.

Anonymous 19 July 2007

America never gives money unless it expects good return on its investment. America has always received many times ROI from Israel. I’m not sure where you hear or see “ingreatfulness” [sic] from the Israelis. The Israelis are about the ONLY grateful nation, that bends over backwards for the Americans. Ungrateful are the Egypts, Arab “Palestinians,” Jordanians, the list goes on and on. You read the love and respect for America in the press and hear it in the voices of the Israelis. I’m not sure how you could be so clueless.

That being said. For Israel’s sake, I think it’s past time to cut off the Americans because they believe they have bought themselves a state in the ME and that they can give away any parts they want to appease the Arabs to suit America’s own purposes. America is one of the greatest existential threats to the Israelis.

Bernard Lewis said, “America: Harmless as an enemy; treacherous as a friend.” Israel doesn’t need friends like America. But then countries don’t have friends. They only have interests. America’s and Israel’s interests are getting further apart. It’s time to leave the Americans to their own devices.

Anonymous 19 July 2007

I beg your pardon? “Cut off the Americans”??? Israel wouldn’t last six months without the 7 million dollars a day of US taxpayer’s money being poured into it, mostly for the latest military toys. What possible benefit could the US get from a country that “democratically” elects people like ?

Sariade 21 July 2007

7 mils a day is 1% of Israeli GDP. Forget it.

admin 23 July 2007

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