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Second North Korean test was not Iranian

Second North Korean test was not IranianMedia are reporting extensively that Iran allegedly conducted a nuclear test in North Korea. That is not so.

The Koreans indeed performed a second nuclear test, but with their own weapon, not an Iranian bomb. That was done specifically for Iranian observers in order to demonstrate North Korea’s technological prowess with uranium devices and obtain contracts and financing for further nuclear development, which the ayatollahs partially outsource to the communists.

The test has been common knowledge since it was performed.

The Iranian-Korean cooperation is exceptional in one regard. In most countries, nuclear weapons technology (North Korea, South Africa,Libya, Pakistan) came before there was enough material to make the weapon. But Iran already possesses plenty of yellowcake.

Something to consider: North Korea’s Kim Jong-Il was well aware that the US has never invaded a country with a nuclear deterrent. Traditionally they have tried to isolate and contain adversaries with nuclear capabilities. The US position on the Korean Peninsula has been to prop up the Kim regimes while using sanctions to isolate them. Recent events for food show us this continues. These bribes are used to provide security for South Korea and keep the DPRK focused inward. The US can’t successfully isolate Iran now. A nuclear armed Iran would be another Russia, and would spread its influence throughout the Muslim world.

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