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Sderot sues Barak

Residents of the bombarded Israeli town of Sderot demand that the IDF installs the laser anti-rocket defense system Skyguard, available immediately from the American suppliers. The Skyguard is much cheaper than the planned Iron Dome system. Israel curtailed the development of extremely promising laser weapons three years ago as a part of military budget cuts.
Another option is Phalanx anti-rocket artillery system, which is also cheaper than Iron Dome and available immediately.
Both Skyguard and Phalanx are mostly short-range systems, but several installations on Sderot’s outskirts can cover the town.
Amir Peretz preferred the Iron Dome as it provides jobs for his Histadrut constituency, even though it would take years to finish that system while Sderot residents suffer daily.

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I have personal knowledge of the laser systems and also some about the Phalanx. They both work extremely well and cheaply compared to any antimissile-missile system. Both are easily deployable now. In fact the airborne version of the laser system can target anything you want it to.

Emeq Hawaii 16 March 2008

israel tourist
israel tourism

Zello 11 May 2008

i seem to remember reading somewhere that Peretz was going to get screwed for corruption. Is this it ?

ian Ward alicanteSpain 03 August 2008

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