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Saudi Arabia approves pedophilia

Saudi Chief Mufti has issued a fatwa allowing Arab men to marry ten-year-old girls.
And why not? Mohammed’s most beloved wife Aisha was nine or eleven years old at the time of their marriage.

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Actually, I have read calculations that say that by Arab mathematical systems of the day, the Quran may say that Aisha was only Six (6) years old when Mohammed married her.

natassja usa 16 January 2009

Be careful what you wish for. Our forefather Isaac married an underage girl and so did Jacob attempt. What we now consider pedophilia was not limited to Saudi Arabia.

admin 03 May 2009

Chief mufti of Saudi Arabia will support perverts from his country with the help of this law. what other people would find it acceptible to marry children??? Chief mufti of Saudi Arabia is the main pedophil himself.

Brice TallahasseeFL 26 May 2010

Jews removed from Yemen should be really happy. Who knows, perhaps the leader of Yemen would like to follow the footsteps of his “colleague” from Saudi Arabia.

Dakotah SpokaneWA 26 May 2010

Pedophilia allowed in Saudi Arabia will attract porn producers. And some Arabs are not notable for good manners and moral principles. Pedophilia allowed in Saudi Arabia is a call for other Ar4abic countries to do the same.

Rhett BocaRatonFL 26 May 2010

Converts Sephardic followers pay so much attention to, are not that an interesting subject if there’re Arabs who can be cursed.

Adal BoulderCO 26 May 2010

Saudi Arabia pedophiles is actually the business of Saudi Arabia only. If they see it this way, it’s up to them to decide.Saudi Arabia pedophiles
simpluy do oopenly what other men only dream about.

Kamden RaleighNC 29 May 2010

General Almog, IDF as well as many other Israeli officers would gladly kill these Arabic perverts.

Tai St.AugustineFL 29 May 2010

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