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Middle East conflict: Sarkozy not so friendly

Speaking with Abu Mazen, Sarkozy supported the end of the “60-year-old oppression of Palestinians.” The poor beings are so oppressed that they have the world’s highest breeding rate.
According to Sarkozy, Israel’s oppression of Palestinians is the reason for the Middle East conflict. How didn’t we realize that before? Now we understand why Arabs attacked us in 1920, 1929, 1936, 1948, 1967, 1973 and on myriad less famous occasions. Right, they sought to drawn all Jews in sea in 1967 because of the West Bank which we didn’t even control then.
Sarkozy demanded removal of the security barrier in the West Bank, which is for him too successful in stopping terrorists. Why doesn’t France open its own borders to Arabs?
Echoing Olmert, Abu Mazen called Sarkozy a true friend.

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It is an article of faith for all parties in Middle East conflict that unlike the United States France really supports them. If not for that articulated belief, the parties to Middle East conflict would have long settled – or settled their scores.

Anonymous 06 March 2010

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