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Sale of US bunker buster bombs to Israel goes through

Bush Administration submitted a routine notice of approval to congress. Israel needs such bombs against Hezbollah and Iran.
The problem is, Bush Administration approved GBU-39 which penetrate only 5 feet of reinforced concrete, and are useless even against Natanz nuclear labs, let alone Iran’s mountain facilities. GBU-39 can perform against some of the shallow Hezbollah bunkers and most Hamas bunkers.
The Bushies refused Israeli request for GBU-28 which penetrate 20ft of concrete and can be used against Natanz.

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Could recent US disclosure of Bush administration’s denial of Israel’s request for Green-light for a Preemptive Strike on Iran’s “peaceful” nuclear facilities a year ago be part of a disinformation campaign for plausible deniability of planning & active involvement just prior to an imminent strike under the outgoing Commander in Chief??

For Israel:

Will Iran use THE OIL WEAPON, as threatened, sending $pOIL Prices surging above $200/BARREL OVERNIGHT?? Iran recently called on using OIL as a Weapon against Israel & Allies. Russia turned off the gas to Europe via Ukraine over the price gouging dispute the very next day. Europe suddenly woke up to the Cold Crude Reality of how DEMAND DESTRUCTION can turn into SUPPLY INTERRUPTION in the flexing of Russia’s Geopolitical Blackmail!! Russia, Iran & Venezuela would certainly benefit from a sudden $pOIL Spike.

spOILweapon Destin,FLUSA 15 January 2009

GBU-28 Israel has asked for is a too serious weapon to have for Jews who from the Americans’ point of view are not that smart to use it properly. GBU-28 Israel wants to have so much is another proof of the US’s reall attitude towards Jews.

Maximilian GrandTurkIsland 26 May 2010

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