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Russian joke: S-300 sale to Israel

Maariv reports that Russian President Medvedev offered Lieberman the opportunity to buy out the S-300 batteries made for Iran.

This confirms our long-standing belief that Israel can engage Russia very closely by buying its weapons. Our $2 billion a year in purchases of American weapons are nothing for the United States, and do not affect relations significantly, but Russia would do everything for a $2 billion-a-year customer. Russian weapons are three to five times cheaper than American weapons and are of adequate quality.

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I don’t know why Israel still gets the US annual aid. Israel tried twice since the 80th to decline the amount of aid and to lower it to nothing, but very surprisingly it was the US that pushed and seduced Israel to go on and have the annual loan (Israel pays that money back anyway in low interest and in stages). Sure it a good way to sit on Israel’s neck and turn her to be more depended on the US.

Abe Bird 21 June 2009

So why has the U.S. canceled the sale of Apache helocopters to Israel? Both the Russians and the Europeans build very good attack models.

RevBadel Memphis 23 June 2009

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