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Russian antisemites avenge the murderer's death

Less than a week ago, a notorious Russian Jew-killer Koptsov “committed suicide” in jail. Russian antisemites retaliated today by murdering a female employee of Ohalei Yaakov yeshiva in Moscow.
Israeli government apparently has no trouble killing inmates. Not so long ago, the leader and a member of Jewish Defense League similarly committed suicide in the US prisons. JDL, a Kahanist remnant, has long irritated Israeli establishment.

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Actually, Krugel or Kugel (whatever his name was) it is known that he was actually murdered, not a suicide (he was bonked over the head with a cement block). Irv Rubin was a suicide although speculation that maybe he was taken out. But eyewitness accounts don’t suggest a murder.

VL 03 June 2008

Koptsov’s suicide is just a murder by the Israeli government. The surprising thing about it is that Jews seem to be proud of it for some unknown reasons. Koptsov’s suicide will hopefully draw a wide response in the world.

Sammy AnjouanIsland 26 May 2010

Iran anti-aircraft defence is getting stronger and stronger but the Jewish government wastes money on the murder of some Russian loony.

Ember ReunionIsland 26 May 2010

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