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Russia won't preserve Jewish manuscripts

In the response to a ruling by the Washington District Court, Russia rejected the US court’s authority to order it to preserve a huge collection of Hassidic manuscripts.

The Chabad movement brought the case to save tens of thousands of manuscripts which the Nazis and Russians had looted from Jews in the twentieth century. The manuscripts are stored in appalling conditions, and many have found their way to the black market.

The Russians refuse to transfer the manuscripts to Chabad. The Israeli government transferred Sergiev Courtyard in Jerusalem to the Russians.

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Not to worry, that evil empire is soon going to be destroyed by God himself after they attack Israel according to Ezek. 38+39 and that includes Iran or any other nation on earth that touches the Apple of His eye. God bless Israel and the Jewish people from a Christian who loves the Chosen people. May the Nation of Israel forgive the USA for having a president who has turned his back on our only allie and friend.Hang in thier Israel if you can till the next election in the USA and God willing we will
get rid of the enemy in the Whitehouse.

Larry StPeteFl 28 June 2009

Can they do that? Do they dare to do it? Like the animals I’ve thought they are not longer since the last big bubble…

Are Russians today the same barbarians the world have knowledge of them, already now for more than 500 years?

Can They Do That?
I’m ashamed of them, feel that way a 100% now, being a Jewish in all my mind & heart, with the best of this combination, because I’m unique with my Russian mother who gave life to me and to my world of peace and understanding like no one else do, with unique heritage which now seems to be no more worth than Russian name of both a country and its people is and represents.

Doesn’t mean anything worth in human sense any longer…

Shame on RUSSIA and PEOPLE who let this happen without any thought of sorry of wrong-doing, without comprehending that this their inhumanity will & shall upon them gather together the slavery their never ever got free of…

kiefko Hamar 28 June 2009

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