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Russia warns Israel not to miscalculate Syria’s strength

Security Council’s Igor Ivanov relayed to Tzipi Livni that Syria-Israeli war is likely. Russia supplies Syria modern weapons.

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Maybe so, but it does not supply Syria with confident, brave, well-trained soldiers. ie- piles of boots in the sand in the wars in the Sinai because it is easier to run in sand in bare feet! Also after most “conflicts” we enjoy the kind donations of abandoned equipment (In good working order) to the IDF. Fine some of the Syrian soldiers are brave, but most are poorly trained little buggering cowards!

4367142 Toronto, 25 May 2010

True. These advanced weapons in their hands are more dangerous to themselves than to anyone else.

Anonymous 15 June 2011

If Syria has the S300 missiles, then yes, their air-defences would be extremely formidable. The
S300 is perhaps the deadliest anti- aircraft
missile in existence. Also, I believe Russia’s
warning to Israel probably pertains to Syria’s
chemical weapons arsenal. We must not ignore the
reality of Hizballah and Iran aiding their ally–
Syria. An Israeli-Syria conflict would lead to a
massive bloodbath for all concerned. Perhaps, like the US Civil War, it must involve a
bloodbath to finally purge these evil regimes.
the bloodbath of the US Civil War

alex NY 28 June 2011

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