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Russia takes gloves off

The KGB state of Russia opposes further sanctions on Iran because they might “increase tension.” Russian move comes even as France endorses tighter sanctions and expects war with Iran. Russian denunciation of sanctions is symbolic: previous sanctions had no effect on Iran and new sanctions would be equally worthless. Russia completes Bushehr nuclear reactor and supplied Iran with advanced air defense system whose only targets are Israeli and American aircraft.
Russia also installed air defense systems in Syria, builds a huge military base in Syria, and condemned recent Israeli attack against Syria which probably aimed at destroying Syrian-North Korean nuclear installations.
Russia supplies advanced weapons including aircraft, missiles, and air-, tank- and missile defense systems to rogue regimes.
Russia put its strategic bombers back on active duty and upgrades its park of ballistic missiles with nuclear warheads.
Russian military budget for procurement is a little bit higher than Israel’s in purchasing parity terms.

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