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Russia saved Iranian fighter jets

Iran canceled an aviation show and dispersed its planes to remote bases after Russia warned it of an impending Israeli attack, Debka reports.

The Russians invented the Israeli threat as they have done repeatedly with Syria. It is highly unlikely that Israel would attack Iran while Obama is trying to negotiate with the ayatollahs. Aging Iranian planes would be powerless against an Israeli strike and of little concern to Jewish planners.

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Iranian fighter jets Russia saves may be of little interest for Israel but definitely not that pleasant to have either. Iranian fighter jets are still perfectly able to do quite a lot of harm to Israel.

Elliott Lusaka,Zambia 25 May 2010

Russia DELIVERS THE S-300 TO IRAN, so it’s not likely to spread such rumours. Probably the Jews do not say truth as they often do.

Michio Cairo,Egypt 25 May 2010

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