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Russia renovates Syrian port of Tartus

Posted By admin On September 13, 2008 @ 7:51 pm In Syria | 5 Comments

in order to move there Russian fleet [1] from the Black Sea. Russian move is largely retaliatory for the US involvement in Georgia [1] and Ukraine. Ukraine pushes Russia to vacate the navy base in Crimea.

Russian deployment in Syria means bringing S-300 and likely S-400 anti-aircraft batteries there. Importantly, Russians would bring their full models rather than the stripped-down export versions. Though the killing range of S-300 [2] is relatively small, the radar detection range would provide warning info for much of Syria.

Russian deployment emboldens Syria, and explains Syria’s unwillingness to negotiate peace with Israel.
After visiting Moscow, Iran’s foreign minister vowed to “expand and strengthen” his country’s relations with Russia.

In the confrontation with America, Russia retaliates by supporting Israel’s enemies.

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