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Russia: Nothing is new under the sun

Putin started his term with war in Chechnya. Medvedev opted for a higher-profile war with Georgia.
Russia had practically annexed breakaway Georgian provinces of South Osetia and Abkhazia by massively issuing Russian passports to locals. Then, Russia sent its “peacekeeping” troops ostensibly to protect its citizens there.
After Georgia invaded South Osetia in the attempt to regain the province it had quite lost 16 years ago, Russians bombed Georgian military bases and are now amassing troops at Georgian border.
Russia’s furious response is largely due to Georgia’s unfortunate timing of the invasion. Putin, who is heading now to the Chinese Olympics, was surely incredibly irritated by what he sees as Georgia’s treacherous behavior: they messed with his vacation plans.
If Russia goes around the world bombing the countries which allegedly mistreat its citizens, that would be quite a sort of the new world order.
Israel might take notice how a small but proud Georgia disregarded the American advice to be nice with Russia, and forcefully claimed its land rights while Bush went to the Olympics. Without much concern about the world opinion, Georgia inflicted hundreds of casualties in insurgents and civilians in a matter of hours.

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