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Russia, Iran ambiguous over S-300

The Iranian Defense Minister’s visit to Moscow did not bring any new agreements. Likely, the Russians meant the visit to remind Obama of the cost of an American ABM shield in Poland.

The Iranians have asked for five or six S-300 batteries, and the Russians claim none have been supplied. The Iranians asserted they have some S-300s, as indeed confirmed by Israeli intelligence photos leaked in late 2008. Those S-300s probably came from Byelorussia: they are old models, but full-featured, without the export limitations.

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S-300 Russia-Iran relations are so tense about are really good to use. Besides comparing their price with similar weapons from other countries, they’re much cheaper.S-300 Russia-Iran has raised so much fuss about are simply too frightening to Israel. That’s why it thinks so much about them.

Kohana Banjul 24 May 2010

The location of Syrian port of Tartus is more interesting to Russia now than the sale of S-300 to Iran. If there’s no deal, Russians will someone else to sell them to.

Johnathan Brazzaville 24 May 2010

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