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Rumors of Hamas' death exaggerated

We remained skeptical as scores of commentators declared Hamas to be in shambles. Our reasoning is simple: an army cannot defeat an entrenched and disorganized guerrilla group—that’s a truism. That’s like cutting water with a knife. It takes years of police work to eradicate guerrillas.

As Israeli reservists poured into Gaza, they encountered significant resistance that left fifty Palestinian guerrillas dead and close to three hundred wounded. Note that those were brave and stupid guerrillas who clashed with mammoth army forces head-on rather then let them through. The majority of Palestinian guerrilla forces would do just that.

The current push in Gaza is not like the Lebanon war of 2006, which was inadequate, and thus useless. This one is adequate in terms of the numbers involved, but too short in terms of time, as Israel would have to pull out fairly soon.

It seems that IDF is fighting to create a beachhead for PLO thugs in northern Gaza. The idea is to remove Palestinian terrorists from the north so that they cannot fire Kassams into Israel, and bet on ending weapons-smuggling from Egypt so that Palestinians in the south would run out of the longer-rage Grad and Farj rockets.

IDF troops slowly enter the densely populated areas of Gaza to comb for terrorists. This phase of the operation is the most dangerous, as soldiers have to differentiate between civilians and un-uniformed terrorists, enter booby-trapped houses and public buildings, and encounter ambushes.

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