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Ross reveals leftist delusions

Speaking at a conference in Jerusalem, Dennis Ross, the White House’s chief advisor on the Middle East told his audience that ‘doing nothing’ at a time of ’sweeping change’ in the Middle East is the wrong policy.

Ross’s statement reveals succinctly the leftist fallacy. They fail to understand that in the real political world, doing nothing is actually the best policy, as it allows societies to gradually adjust to new realities. Doing nothing is an especially viable policy precisely in a time of sweeping changes, especially when the nature of those changes is not yet clear and the proper response remains unknown.

Dennis Ross

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Mr. Ross is an incessant meddler with absolutely no contact with reality at all. His efforts in the Piece Process have only served to enhance fratricidal Arabs dreams of the ‘final holocaust.’

Walt Gee copperhill 17 July 2011

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