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Report on illegal workers understates their number

The Knesset’s report on foreign migrants in Israel claims that there are 89,000 legal workers and 95,000 tourists on expired visas. But what about workers on expired visas? These workers are unobtrusively included in the 89,000 figure; ‘legal’ means that they entered our country legally, not that they stay here legally now.

The report states that only 31,000 Palestinians are working here legally, and does not mention the 200,000 Palestinians working illegally.

The report claims that there are only 45,000 African illegals, though a year ago that number was estimated to be from 40,00060,000, and since the Arab Spring they have been entering at a rate of one thousand per week. This means their number must be closer to 120,000.

Instead of the 250,000 foreign workers claimed by the government, we would expect 550,000600,000 of them.

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