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Regional authorities protest government plans to settle illegals

The regional council of Ramat ha-Negev has ordered the demolition of the camp for illegals which the government had started building in the area. The camp would have hosted about 5,000 criminals.

Residents naturally object to government plans to dump 5,000 Africans on them. The idea was to remove the Africans from large cities into sparsely inhabited areas, disregarding the opinions of residents who do not want thousands of HIV-infected African Muslim criminals living nearby.

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they are not muslim, they are christian from south sudan get your facts right before you put on the news site

1 statesolution chicago 15 June 2012

The real agenda is to keep Africans in Israel. There is not one but several reasons behind this.

1) One is to dilute the Jewish character of Israel. The same method was used by the Labor Party in Britain years ago to dilute the British character of Britain and to morph it into a multicultural society, today beset with crime and violence.

A government insider revealed that the influx of African and Asian immigrants and refugees was a DELIBERATE PLOT by the UK Labor Party to flood Britain with non-Whites in order to rub the Whites’ noses with it – and profit from the newcomers’ votes.


ISRAELIS SHOULD NOT BELIEVE FOR A MINUTE that the apparent ineptitude in dealing with this invasion is due only to government confusion. It is not. It is deliberate.

2) But it’s not only the usual left that is recruiting Africans to come to Israel. The business class also pushes for cheaper than cheap labor.

Perhaps the ultimate way of pushing Africans out will be to use the persuasive methods used by an Arab village a few days ago. It resulted in a brawl but it was effective.


And the media should keep this issue alive. For some reason it completely disappeared from the headlines after a few dozen Africans were arrested – not expelled, but arrested.

If Africans are going to be placed in camps, the camps should be run by UNRWA and located IN AFRICA.

Canadian Otter 15 June 2012

They are both, actually.

admin 17 June 2012

Israel should always resist foriegn Nations intentional attempts to manipulate the demographical structure of Israel. For any reason. Yet we should always see to the care of those who come to Israel by Israeli approved imigration policy. We must never forget that by the hand of God we too were strangers in a forign land.

Paul 19 June 2012

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